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Covid Corner with Dr. Gary Jacques

"In a time of destruction, create something." _ _Maxine Hong Kingston Stats: In the two days since our last update, NM gained 142 additional cases, 62 on Tuesday and 80 on Wednesday. The total cases diagnosed in state is up to 1,484 with 36 deaths, 90 in the hospital and 353 recovered. Los Alamos gained one new case bringing our total to 6. Commentary: The number of daily new cases seems to have plateaued. The 3 day rolling averages are in the low 80s this week, which is the same or slightly less than last week. Presuming no significant change in the number of people tested or the selection of patients tested this is a good sign. I am not aware of any large scale plans to test asymptomatic people and also have no idea when we might be receiving the new "antibody tests" to screen people for past exposure. I hope these will become available to help inform us how to move forward in the months ahead. Encouragement: We've seen a lot of disruption and destruction these past few weeks and months. There has been disruption of normal routines, workflows and ways of doing business. Disruption of travel plans, get-togethers, and practically everything for that matter. Some things have been outright destroyed_ _from vacation plans to jobs to global economies. Here's the challenge: what are we creating during this time? How can we as a nation create a better health care delivery system? How can we at MANNM create a better organization? What are you creating in your own life during this time? Have a creative day! Dr. Jacques

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