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Covid Corner with Dr. Gary Jacques

"Uncertainty is the only certainty there is, and knowing how to live with insecurity is the only security." --John Allen Paulos Good Monday Morning MANNM, Facts: Over the weekend NM added 160 new covid-19 cases, 86 on Saturday and 74 on Sunday. The state's cumulative total is now 1245. Los Alamos County added one new case on Sunday for a total now of 5. There were 7 deaths this weekend for a total of 26. Commentary: Daily new cases appear to be still on the rise in New Mexico but not at a very steep rate. The 3 day rolling average for this Saturday was 89 compared to 75 the week before. Since the number of confirmed cases is really the tip of the iceberg in terms of total cases in a community, pick your favorite multiplier to guesstimate total cases. Multiplying by 5 to 10 may not be unreasonable. Thus, Los Alamos may have 25 to 50 cases lurking in the community. If nothing else, this kind of thinking keeps us on our guard with our personal and corporate infection control practices. Encouragement: Uncertainty seems to be a big part of the mood of our times. Uncertainty about the economy. Uncertainty about how long shelter-in-place restrictions will remain. Uncertainty about whether a second wave of covid19 spread will occur in the fall. With uncertainty comes insecurity. Will I lose my savings? Will I keep my job? Will I be able to remain healthy? In essence, will I and my loved ones be alright through all of this? Today's quote is a reminder that nothing in life was ever certain-even before this corona virus outbreak. Finding peace and security outside of and independent of our circumstances is a noble pursuit for any period of time in life. Have a great day! Dr. Jacques

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