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Covid Corner with Dr. Gary Jacques

"Easter as the soul's first taste of Spring" _ _Richelle Goodrich Facts: New Mexico reports 124 new cases of Covid-19 for a cumulative total of 989 in the state. Los Alamos reported two new cases of Covid-19 for a total of 4. There are 73 patients hospitalized and a cumulative total of 17 deaths. 23,931 tests are reported as being performed, but this is only 124 more than yesterday so I think it represents a misprint. Commentary: The nation as a whole and hot spots in particular continue to show signs of "flattening" of new cases. We in New Mexico are still climbing however, and did not appear to have reached our peak yet in terms of new cases per day. Los Alamos has two more cases. I spoke with the New Mexico Department of Health today and learned there is some relaxation on the criteria for testing. If someone has had respiratory symptoms within the past week and a doctor refers him/her for testing, then most likely those tests will be performed regardless of whether the patient has symptoms on that particular day. Encouragement: This is Easter weekend_ _an important time for the roughly 31% of the world's population who claim Christianity as their faith. Like Spring itself, Easter represents rebirth, renewal, resurrection and the impressibility of life. Regardless of our faith let's be sure to really enjoy this time. Get outside on these beautiful days. Already I think many are starting to see glimmers of light at the end of this covid-19 tunnel. While we are not out of the woods yet and vacations still must be converted to "stay-cations" I think we should shake off the oppressive anxiety that comes with the 24/7 news cycle and look for ways to thrive in the time ahead. Dr. Jacques

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Covid Corner with Dr. Gary Jacques

"Ya gotta love it" -Vanderbilt medical residents circa early 1980s (referring to the field of Medicine) Stats: At the end of Sunday, New Mexico, has 1845 cumulative cases of Covid-19. The death t

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