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COVID Corner with Dr. Gary Jacques

Good morning amazing MANNM staff and Los Alamos community! We will start providing a daily morning update on the corona virus that is so much in the news these days. Today, the NM Department of Health reports no confirmed cases in New Mexico. 10 tests have been performed to date in the state and all 10 tests were negative. That's good news for today! Yesterday MANNM's corona virus task force met again and great progress is being made in terms of readiness. Training in infection control processes and procedures has been developed and is underway. It will be important for all of us to strike the right balance with our response. One extreme is to be overly passive, nonchalant and laid back in the face of this new infection. The other extreme is to be overanxious, panicky and uptight. The Task Force has found the middle ground in my opinion--which is to be calm, diligent, courageous, prepared and ready. I am grateful for everyone on it. Best regards, Dr. Jacques

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